The Importance of Graphic Design in Marketing and How to Use it Effectively

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We have seen businesses go through rollercoasters due to the economic disruption of the pandemic. Nevertheless, this disruption has also brought about a new definition in the way we view the workplace and how it used to be done by the norms. “The unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19 has prompted companies to adapt their operations to the new business environment.” According to the Acting Director-General of Statistics Mauritius, Mukesh Dawoonauth, the pandemic has become a defining factor in many business structures.

The benefits of having a business online aid in reaching out to customers and prospects. With the technology available today, we can reach anywhere in the world. Digital Marketing, within itself, is a field that continues to grow. Yet, there are many components to factor in when dealing with establishing an online presence for your business. One of which is Graphic Design. The world loves what pleases their eyes. 

Introduction: What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is used to convey a message to the public about a brand, a business, or anything else using creative visual content. It is a powerful tool for reaching a large number of people in a short period of time. Visual design has become one of the components used to raise brand awareness and influence customer decisions. Graphic design combines photography, illustration, typography, and motion graphics to create visually appealing images that capture attention, sell products and services, and open new markets. Within this field, it has made it easier to interact with customers. By integrating digital art into the design, it will encourage prospects to convert into customers, and this visual creation will guide your customers through the designed message.

Yet, Graphic Design in Digital Marketing is not simply the usage of certain visual features to enhance your business brand or to convey messages. It is an effective marketing tool that aids build you the audience you target. It helps you to put into perspective the efficiency of what type of content you put out there in the world and which ones perform best according to your business as well.

What are the Benefits of Using Graphic Design in Marketing?

Strengthens your business professionally

You want your business to make a good first impression. The use of logos, images, and design can help your business endeavour as it builds a professional look to your target market. Graphic design, when used correctly, provides visual consistency across all of your marketing initiatives, thus further reinforcing your company’s identity and brand recognition.

By reflecting a company’s vision, good graphic design cultivates a positive brand identity that permeates everything including company’s website and communications to business cards and staff apparel. In the 

Having a poorly designed website, logo or digital content distributed on different social media platforms can impact the morale or willingness of potential clients or your target audience to keep surfing on your online business. 

Build your Brand and Look Unique doing it

A company with captivating and appealing graphic design will distinguish itself from competitors with dull or badly executed visuals.

Graphic designers are prepared to study the visual identity of your competing companies to see what is already out there. If your major rival’s colour palette is monotonous and uninteresting, your graphic artist will use vibrant and eye-catching colours for you to stand out. If your entire company uses blue logos due to color perception, the designer or design team may choose a different tone, hue, or shade, or a different colour completely that can stand out while still complying with colour perception to begin with.

Attract and retain customers’ interest

It’s advisable for any individual or company wanting to establish their business’s online presence to use fresh graphic design. Digital content created especially for you when redesigning your website, creating a new logo, or launching a campaign are prime examples of how to keep your customers’ attention. However, this also ensures that you maintain a distinct identity that not only draws attention, but also differentiates your services, and keeps your customers returning to check for new content. Packaging materials of food or drinks is an outstanding demonstration of the symbolic importance of eye-catching design. Hundreds of snack chip products are readily accessible in grocery stores. Even though many of us read nutritional info, our purchases are likely to be influenced by the appetising attractiveness of a chip bag’s design as well as how efficiently and precisely it tells us what we’re looking to buy.

Graphic communication

Companies now have only a few seconds to capture and hold viewers’ attention in order to keep marketing efforts effective in the face of this cultural shift. Images are an excellent solution. As most of us are constantly bombarded with consuming information from mobile phones, computers, TV, radio, billboards, magazines, and other sources every single moment, our attention spans are shrinking.

As such, Graphic Design is a tool that can provide the solution for the shift in the marketing culture. Digital design and content can communicate complex information or marketing messages much quicker than normal words can. Moreover, in order to attain this and keep improving your attractiveness to automated audiences (search engines) in order to improve your web rankings, your visuals must be distinctive, pertinent, and of excellent quality. Graphic design can help support your business in making the shift to this new era of concise, increased communication.

Increases Viewer Attraction

Digital content is another method for you to increase the number of people who see, share, and follow your company on social media.  How about marketing and customer base? Be it e-newsletters and websites, blogs and social media, or printed materials, high-quality graphics encourage far more focus than applications that are using low-quality, supply, or non-existent graphics. Quality of the image is recognized as one of the most significant priorities in buying decisions by online customers, especially Online business buyers. Graphic design produces better marketing tools by combining high-quality photography, infographics, illustrations, and video.

Graphic Design equals to Persuasion

The power to convince is one advantage of professionally done graphic design. Trying to make a split-second decision about which good or service to buy at the store or in a business, for example, is often influenced by how the product or service is compiled and shown to the public. That packaging or assemblage can convey a powerful message or communicate to the consumer in a way that influences their intention to spend.

“A famous call to action was the Uncle Sam “We Want You” poster, I’m sure you know the one,” Canva, the semi-free digital creation platform, claims. This poster was iconic because it plainly outlined the purpose and invited readers to step forward as soldiers and take action in the War. A simple print poster, a two-dimensional structure, convinced people to put their lives in danger for their country.

Higher conversions

Customized graphic elements can help in improving navigation and usability. Clear, accurate, and uncomplicated designs work best to help viewers to understand how to navigate through different platforms you or your business might be using. Whether it is to navigate through a website or app, graphic design can have a significant impact on conversions and viewer retention.

Besides that, viewing stylish visual elements and harmonic patterns provides its users with aesthetic value.

How You Can Use Graphic Design To Your Advantage?

To use graphic design efficiently is to create digital content and digital designs which enforces readability conveys information easily and convincingly and draws the reader’s attention to key information within the message.

In Digital Marketing, there are different factors to consider in order to build a ‘good’ graphic design.

The most recognised part of graphic design are:

  1. posters
  2. banners
  3. flyers
  4. business cards
  5. infographics
  6. book covers
  7. product labels
  8. logos
  9. signs
  10. website layouts
  11. mobile apps
  12. software interfaces (the list goes on.)

Graphic designing is key to successfully communicating your brand visually. It attracts the eye of your audience, and customers, it conveys a message, and simply put, if done right, it allows you to connect with your target market, share your message, promote your event and even drive sales for your campaign.

Different brands use different techniques. Graphic designers have the expertise to wisely choose the right colors, and the right visuals to create the exact artwork that not only allows the brand to gain visibility but also, to successfully deliver its desired goal through the artwork.

In today’s face evolving world and the constant changes on all online platforms, having the right graphic designs are no less than vital. 

It is crucial to understand that the world today has adapted to the technology available and is visual-centric. Brands need to adapt and in order to thrive in this competitive digital world, not only should all artwork created be extremely attractive, but it has the duty to ensure the company stands out of the lot and remains consistent by continuously portraying the brand boldly in the market. 

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