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The Future is now and it is in Digital Marketing in Mauritius

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The explosive surge of the digital market has ushered in an era of human interaction in all facets of life; from the ways, we provide services and the way we can conduct business to but most importantly, the way we interact. We wonder where it may take us but the world pays witness to the growth of the digital realm, where the marketing strategies that use digital media are now being favored in today’s approach to business. It is aiding massively and changing the way we believe business can be done. The widely spread consumption of digital information that is either shared or spread across the internet contributes to this.

Approximately 66% of marketers anticipate revenue growth in 2022 and beyond. 90% of them believe that 2020 aids in growing digital engagement, a trend that is most likely to continue into 2022 (one of those consumer habits that is unlikely to change). Possibilities in this field will continue to expand, and every digital marketing professional will need to catch pace with all of the popular innovations if they do not want to be behind. After all, flexibility and adaptability are the two major skills you need to grow in all aspects of life; digital or not.

Digital Marketing in your business; how to keep up with the future?

Digital marketing is evolving constantly, making it more difficult for businesses to manage up with the continuously changing market trend. What can be defined as Digital Marketing today could easily have another definition tomorrow. There is no prediction about what the field of Digital Marketing will look like in the next decade.

There is ultimately much research being conveyed today on what are the benefits of Digital Marketing. The questions generally surround the idea of whether it is truly worth the effort. According to Adobe’s 2013 Digital Distress survey, 76% of managers genuinely think that marketing has changed more significantly over the last two years than it has in the previous fifty years.

Do we wonder what could be the trigger for such a surge in the digital marketing field?

It could be different factors in play here; from the advancements in technology to the pandemic of the last two years that taught us the importance of working from remote areas or it could be something else entirely.

The important highlight to take into account is that Digital Marketing is the present and the future. We just have to ask ourselves; are we living in the past still?

Yet, to make it more technical. 

Under the field of Digital Marketing, the result leans towards the eventual increase in brand awareness (or business growth) by using numerous marketing channels and mediums. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online video content sharing, pay-per-click advertising, online blog advertising, viral marketing strategies, and social media software applications (such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and others) are all important digital tools that have ultimately become the faces of change in the surge of the new age of Digital Marketing. When they are incorporated into the business strategy, they can cause growth at an amazing speed. They raise brand awareness and may even provide a massive benefit to business marketing strategy.

What are the Marketing Trends?

To define a market trend is to allow ourselves to understand that there are diverse ways of interpreting the financial markets which constantly shift in a specific direction. Long-term trends are categorized as secular whilst medium-term market trends are said to be primary, and short-term market dynamics as secondary.

Traders have been using technical analysis to identify market trends, a structure that distinguishes economic trends to cater to the prediction of price tendencies within the market they look to invest in or create. These data help in understanding when the price can be low or high, in demand or in scarce as well as the resistance levels of whether there will be profit or loss which may vary over time.

The Causes behind Marketing Trends

The price of assets like investments is determined by the market; ergo supply and demand. Since the market, by definition, balances buyers and sellers, it is impossible to have “more buyers than sellers” or vice versa. Whenever there is a spike in sales, buyers will increase the price they are willing to pay, while sellers will increase the cost they obtain. The opposite occurs during a supply surge.

Why is it important to understand and implement Marketing Trends?

Now is the moment where you as a business owner or a personal brand/influencer can start plotting ahead of schedule to account for digital marketing and advertising trends within your marketing strategy. By staying up to date, you can advance a digital marketing and advertising strategy that takes into account the most current tips, market dynamics, and guidelines. It can be useful when analyzing the hottest trends in order to identify innovative opportunities that could take marketing to the next level. This will aid you in recognizing which trends you are willing to incorporate in your strategy, but also understand what your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths are.

The benefits behind Digital Marketing Trends


The strategy is cost-effective, providing a low-cost marketing stretch that is suitable for any new or established business.

Customer Relationship

Creating a line of communication with your clients nurtures trust and loyalty to your company.

Maintain a relationship with your clients

Looking after your clients’ satisfaction with the services and customer care you provide can do wonders for your business and provide a good reputation for you and your business.

Get a jump start on your competitors

A well-planned and designed internet presence help you stay ahead of competitors by providing value-added services in product and service delivery.

Digital Media Engagements

Every day, the digital world comes alive and active with so many people online searching for an engaging and interesting product, headline, or article to which they can relate. This could be a great way to increase brand awareness for your company.

Create User-Interesting Content.

Another clear benefit of digital marketing is the ability to customize your content based on your demographic and include useful call-to-action buttons. It is critical to optimize content based on data and demographics.

Exact Effort Tracking

Compared to traditional media, digital marketing helps in tracking the efforts of your campaigns across many channels and mediums, from the first user point of contact to when they leave your website and even further (with conversion tracking); a significant advantage over traditional offline ad formats.

What’s hot about Digital Marketing in 2022?


Computer-aided design (CAD), products can be visualized in 3D. This makes purchasing easier as you get a notion of how the product is in reality. Customers can shop online; CAD makes the experience more interesting. 

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), unique products can be made with the aid of 3D machines and laser cutters. Employees are more creative and experiment with these technologies.

Virtual Reality and Events

Virtual events are more budget-friendly for businesses and are done at ease. This allows everyone to benefit from these virtual events as they are usually recorded. So the events are available and cater to everyone’s schedule.

Streaming Video

Live streaming is accessible to the general public and provides an opportunity for the continuing democratization of the content. It is powered by social marketing platforms. According to data found by Hubspot, Web users watched approximately 1.1 billion hours of live video in 2019. It is expected that the live video streaming market will reach $184.3 billion by 2027. Additionally,  Live streaming will account for 82 percent of all online traffic by 2020.

Interactive Marketing

Nowadays, businesses do not have to spend thousands on research. They do interactive marketing and gather feedback through stories, polls, and online surveys. These are free and can the dashboard be available online to have a more detailed analysis.

Interactive Content 

Consumers are becoming unhappy with basic website articles and static content. They desire more; something innovative. They also require control over their interactions. These specifications of demands are resulting in the development of interactive content.

As per research, engaging articles generate two times as much interaction as static content. It has incited 34% of business owners to include interactive articles in at least 10% of their schemes.

Throughout most cases, dynamic content is just a part of a bigger content marketing strategy. Even so, from 2021 and beyond, it is likely to be playing a much greater significance.

Collaboration with Creators

Businesses collaborating with influencers and public figures are now getting termed the influencer marketing strategy. These people are very influential and can make an impact on sales. Collaboration with creators can build a strong online presence, increase brand awareness and increase traffic to the websites.

It is estimated to be worth more than $9.7 billion as of the end of the calendar year.

Conclusion: Refresh Your Online Marketing

There can be no such thing as a defined digital marketing strategy. As you approach the future, take a little time to understand the current trends so you can start changing your strategic plan into something that differs from the progression of this huge customer economy.

There is more than enough room to build and progress in live video, interactive articles, and changes in influencer advertising as well as others.

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